Melbourne Bourke Street incident: police confirm assailant dead after ‘terror’ attack – live updates | Australia news





Police treating it as terrorist incident

Attacker has died

Aakash Verma gave a statement to police after witnessing the incident unfold.

He was working when he heard a bang. He went outside and said he saw a ute in flames rolling diagonally towards Target. Then he saw police pull up. “A guy came towards the cops as the cops were staying inside the car,” Verma said. “I’m not sure if he opened the door or if the cop opened the door.”

Once the door of the car was open and while the police officer was still sitting down, the man began stabbing him with something sharp.

Verma said it was a small object that may have been a knife, but he wasn’t sure. He also was not sure if the man made contact with the police officer, or if the police officer’s vest prevented him from being stabbed.

The police officer’s partner got out from the other side of the vehicle and came around to intervene.

“He [the man] backed off.”

Both police attempted to use pepper spray and to taser the guy but it didn’t seem to have any effect, Verma said.

“The person didn’t look like he wanted to run away, he wanted to stay and fight,” Verma said. “He was saying nothing. He had like a million chances to run away.”


At West Melbourne police station several tables have been set up to interview the dozens of witnesses who were at the scene in a makeshift interview space.

Police are guarding the station doors and directing people inside to give their statements.

It looks like it will be a very long night for police and witnesses.


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